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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on Battle of Ortona.
4312-Ortona map
Date December 1943
Location Ortona
Belligerents Canada Canada icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry, tanks
Modes available Conquest

Ortona is a map set around the eponymous town in Italy. It is fought between Canada and Germany.


There are six control points in this map: one is under German control, and the rest are neutral.

The marketplace control point is worth twice the value of other control points, but it does not offer a spawn point for either side when captured. Whichever side takes four or more control points (or three including the Marketplace control point) will incur a ticket bleed on the opposite side.

Both sides have a number of armoured vehicles for the map. However, there are a number of obstacles such as craters and Czech hedgehogs that will impede their movements. There are also a lot of stationary weapons within the town, therefore infantry takes an important role for combat and capturing flags, espeically within the town.


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