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4201-Rabaul conquest map

4201-Rabaul co-op map

Date January 1942
Location Rabaul
Belligerents Australia Australia icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Tanks, infantry, aircraft
Modes available Conquest

Rabaul is a map set around Rabaul of New Britain island. It is fought between Australia and Japan.


This is a large map with six control points, which are under Australian control.

The Japanese have Furutaka-class cruiser and aircraft carrier Zuikaku to begin the assault.

Whichever side holds five or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.

The control points are spread out over long distances, and many of the land vehicles are thinly distributed among them, with the exception of Rabaul control point, which as the largest concentration. Fighting is mainly carried out by tanks, with support from infantry and aircraft.

In Conquest mode the Japanese ships start off near northeast corner of the map, and they will face fire from coastal guns as they approach southwards towards the bay. In Co-op mode they start off just outside the bay.

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