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4005-Airfield Ockenburg
4005-Airfield Ockenburg map
Date May 1940
Location Ockenburg, Netherlands
Belligerents Netherlands Netherlands icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Airfield Ockenburg is a map set around the airfield of Ockenburg near The Hague, Netherlands. It is fought between the Netherlands and Germany.


The Germans start off with one uncapturable base to the east. The Dutch have one uncapturable base and thee control points to the west.

Whichever side holds two or more control points will inflict a ticket bleed to the other side.

The distance between the German starting point and the Dutch control points is huge, therefore the primary form of assault is done by dropping paratroopers with Ju 52, which act as a mobile spawn point. Capturing enemy vehicles is also crucial for the Germans, as the Dutch can quickly counterattack with armoured cars from their base.

Should the Dutch recapture and hold all of the control points, the Germans will gain access to tanks in their base.


The map is ported and modified from a Battlefield 1942 community map of the same name, which was originally made by Tsjernobyl.


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