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3-inch Gun M5
M5 4
Role Anti-tank gun
Operators United States
Position 1 76mm gun

3-inch Gun M5 is an American anti-tank gun.


The M5 was developed during the early phase of the war and produced from December 1942 on. It first saw service in the Italy campaign, and although it performed with mixed results, the anti-tank gun would continue to see action until the end of the war. Similar to other large anti-tank guns, it was to heavy to be handled by man and lacked the mobility which became more and more essential in armored warfare. To increase mobility, the M5 was also used as armament of the M10 Wolverine.

In Battlegroup42, the M5 is usually available as a stationary weapon, but it can also be found towed by a GMC CCKW Jimmy truck. The model represented an early version of the gun on carriage M1 with the shield of the M2 howitzer.


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