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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on 2 cm Flak 30/38/Flakvierling.
2cm FlaK 38
Flak38 1
Role Anti-aircraft gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 1
Position 1 20mm gun
2cm Flakvierling 38
Flakvierling 1
Role Anti-aircraft gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 1
Position 1 20mm guns
20mm guns

2cm FlaK 38 is a German anti-aircraft gun.


The FlaK 38 not only is the primary light anti-aircraft gun fielded by Germany, but also the most numerically produced German artillery pieces throughout the war.

The anti-aircraft gun has a good rate of fire, making it potent against low flying aircraft. It can also be used against lightly armoured ground vehicles and infantry if necessary.

The Flakvierling 38 is a quad mount version of the FlaK 38. The guns are fired in pairs, and the firing for the guns on the left are independent from those on the right.

Both Flak 38 and Flakvierling 38 are mounted on a variety of vehicles thanks to their versatility. Examples include the Opel Blitz, Opel Maultier, Ehrenfels-class Hilfskreuzer, Flakpanzer I, and Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind.


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