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2-pounder Carrier
2-pdr carrier
Role Tank destroyer
Operators Australia
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 7.7mm machine gun
Position 3 40mm gun

2-pounder Carrier is a modified Universal Carrier fielded by Australia as a tank destroyer.


A field modification by Australian troops, this version of the Universal Carrier has its rear passenger compartment fully occupied by a fully traversable Ordnance QF 2-pounder anti-tank gun, while retaining the forward section and the Bren gun next to the driver. While not as well protected as a tank, this improvised tank destroyer can use its small size to conceal its position, and it offers better anti-tank firepower than the Boys Gun Carrier.

It can be found in 4104-Thermopylae and Tobruk.

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